Monday, September 7, 2009

Del gets some Attitude.

Announced today, I am officially going to be writing for PS3 Attitude. I'm extremely excited about this unreal opportunity and I can assure you that nothing but good will come from this.

PS3 Attitude is a website that I've been frequenting for a few months now and I absolutely love the way they do things. I can't stand rumor sites, and guess what? They don't allow rumors to be posted. I can't stand scores on reviews, and guess what? They don't post scores on their reviews. They are a very balanced website that show no obvious bias for or against anything in particular.

Not only that but the website is doing all of this for charity. All the profits that they get from anything go to GamesAid. Definitely a good cause, and I'm all for it.

The team is also extremely nice and they seem like a great bunch of people to play games with. So yeah, starting tomorrow, you will be able to see my very first article. If you know me, it might be a painfully obvious post (it's actually not Home related!), but I hope it leads to some good discussion.

So if anyone is actually viewing this, I encourage you to take a look at PS3 Attitude and follow them on twitter.


Anonymous said...

I’m responding to a review you had over here.

“For the first time in years, fans were given one of the best entries in the Mega Man series.”

Nope, most people who played it realize it’s the same pile of garbage from the mid 90’s! Only a select few (the retarded fanboys who doesn’t think a bad Mega Man game exists such as yourself) would think it’s good!

“Capitalizing on the success of Mega Man 9”

If you consider Mega Man 9 a “success”, then I have news for you. So “was” Mega Man 8 and most people shit all over that one!

“You can choose to play as either Mega Man or Proto Man right from the start. Mega Man retains all of his abilities from Mega Man 9. He cannot slide and he cannot charge his buster cannon. Proto Man, on the other hand, can charge his weapon, slide, and block incoming attacks with his shield when he’s in the air. Even though it sounds like Proto Man should be easier to play as, that’s actually not the case. He takes more damage and he bounces back far more than Mega Man does. This can cause many deaths when on a small platform or when trying to jump over an endless pit. Proto Man also only shoots two pellets, while Mega Man can shoot three. This means that you have to be less reckless with each shot.”

Wow you are a tard if you actually think that Mega Man is better just because Proto Man takes more damage and can only fire two bullets at a time, whereas we all no it is bullshit that the retards at Capcom stripped Mega Man of his slide and charge shot in the first place!

“One new addition in Mega Man 10 is the ability to switch weapons instantly during gameplay”

Are you that stupid? Mega Man’s 7, 8 and Bass (not to mention the X series and Anniversary Collection editions of 1-6) had that ability too! My god you have such a selective memory!

“Unsurprisingly, Mega Man 10 is a difficult game. Despite this, the game is still hard and you will die a lot, there is no doubt about that. “

You must really be bad at video games if you think Mega Man 10 is difficult! Even on the HARDEST setting, the game is way easier than Final Fantasy Mystic Quest!

“If you really want to test your skills, try playing as Proto Man. His gameplay differences takes some time to learn. You have to be more cautious and calculating when playing as Proto Man”

Again, Proto Man is way better than slideless/chargeless Mega Man is which proves my point that you suck at video games!

“Sounds easy, right? Well it's not!”

Unless you’re mentally retarded at video games (such as yourself) that is! Normal people (such as myself) will have no problem.

“Without a doubt, Mega Man 10 is a must have title”

Oh really? Then explain to me why Mega Man 10 had shittier sales than 8 and 9! Face it, only retarded fanboys (such as yourself) will try to spin Mega Man 10’s pathetic number of downloads with a straight face! The rest of us will continue to mock you ignorant losers while playing some REAL games like Halo and Call of Duty as Mega Man’s popularity continues to circle the drain!

If you want to respond to me, do it here:

Bhoy Sean said...

So how's that working out for you?