Monday, September 7, 2009

Del gets some Attitude.

Announced today, I am officially going to be writing for PS3 Attitude. I'm extremely excited about this unreal opportunity and I can assure you that nothing but good will come from this.

PS3 Attitude is a website that I've been frequenting for a few months now and I absolutely love the way they do things. I can't stand rumor sites, and guess what? They don't allow rumors to be posted. I can't stand scores on reviews, and guess what? They don't post scores on their reviews. They are a very balanced website that show no obvious bias for or against anything in particular.

Not only that but the website is doing all of this for charity. All the profits that they get from anything go to GamesAid. Definitely a good cause, and I'm all for it.

The team is also extremely nice and they seem like a great bunch of people to play games with. So yeah, starting tomorrow, you will be able to see my very first article. If you know me, it might be a painfully obvious post (it's actually not Home related!), but I hope it leads to some good discussion.

So if anyone is actually viewing this, I encourage you to take a look at PS3 Attitude and follow them on twitter.
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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Epic fail IGN.

One thing is to just copy and paste a review for a different version of a similar game. Another thing though is to completely forget to change the actual name of the freaking game and have factual errors in your review!

Bomberman Ultra allows for 7 players locally, not 4. The thing is, the reviewer knew this already

Either way... EPIC FAIL.

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Saturday, June 13, 2009

PSone Classics wishlist

After Jack Tretton said that there will be tons of new PSone classics coming to the PlayStation Network with at close to 60 titles in the catalog by the end of the year... I got happy. This is a listing that I compiled with users from GameFAQs right after that announcement. It's still growing too! I'm really hoping that we can get at least half of these games onto the PlayStation Network. Wouldn't that be amazing?

Confirmed releases:

1. Final Fantasy VII (June 2nd)
2. Medal of Honor (June 2nd)
3. Street Fighter Alpha 2 (June 4th)
4. Medal of Honor Underground (June 11th)
5. Metal Gear Solid (June 18th)

ESRB Rated:

6. Spec Ops: Ranger Elite
7. Spec Ops: Airborne Commando
8. Spec Ops: Covert Assault
9. Contra Legacy of War

Wishlist by publisher:


10. Iron and Blood


11. Tony Hawk Pro Skater 1
12. Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2
13. Apocalypse (LOL Bruce Willis)
14. Nightmare Creatures


15. Echo Night


16. Clock Tower

17. Persona
18. Persona 2: Innocent Sin or Eternal Punishment


19. Resident Evil 2
20. Resident Evil 3
21. Street Fighter Alpha 3
22. Resident Evil: Survivor (LOL)
23. Dino Crisis
24. Dino Crisis 2
25. Megaman X4
26. Mega Man 8
27. Mega Man Legends
28. Mega Man Legends 2

Crystal Dynamics

29. Gex
30. Legacy of Kain: Blood Omen
31. Pandemonium!


32. Tomb Raider
33. Tomb Raider 2
34. Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver
35. Fear Effect 1
36. Fear Effect 2
37. Deathtrap Dungeon
38. Fighting Force

Electronic Arts

39. Diablo


40. Dragon Warrior VII

Fox Interactive

41. Die Hard Trilogy

GT Interactive

42. Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee
43. Oddworld: Abe's Exoddus
44. Duke Nukem: Time to Kill (>_>)


45. Heart of Darkness
46. Loaded


47. Suikoden 2 (please)
48. Silent Hill
49. Metal Gear Solid VR Missions


50. Tekken 3
51. Klonoa: Door to Phantomile


52. Brain Dead 13


53. Twisted Metal
54. Tomba!
55. Tomba! 2: The Evil Swine Return
56. Intelligent Qube
57. Battle Arena Toshinden
58. Cool Boarders 3
59. MediEvil 2
60. Bloody Roar
61. Bloody Roar 2
62. Legend of Dragoon
63. Legend of Legaia
64. Wild ARMS 2
65. Grandia


66. Final Fantasy VIII
67. Final Fantasy IX
68. Final Fantasy Tactics
69. Vagrant Story
70. Chrono Cross
71. Einhander
72. Brave Fencer Musashi
73. Bushido Blade
74. Bushido Blade 2
75. Xenogears
76. Parasite Eve
77. Parasite Eve 2


78. Tecmo's Deception
79. Kagero: Deception 2
80. Deception III: Dark Delusion

Time Warner Interactive

81. Return Fire


82. Hooters: Road Trip (LMAO)

Working Designs

83. Alundra
84. Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete
85. Lunar 2: Eternal Blue Complete

989 Studios

86. Bust a Groove

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Sunday, May 31, 2009

SFIV Game Night

I missed last weeks event, but I made it this week for a few matches with the Homies on the PS3.Youtube is giving me some uploading issues, so I only have two videos up from the event. I had some lag issues as well, but it was really cool seeing people dressed up in their SFIV gear to participate in this gathering. We definitely need a Street Fighter IV Gamespace though.

Every Saturday from 6PM to 10PM PST we meet at the Mall in Home. Check it out! For more information, check out the topic in the Clubs and Events section of the forums here
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Friday, May 22, 2009

UFC 2009 Undisputed PS3 Demo Gameplay

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inFAMOUS Demo Gameplay

The demo is pretty awesome and lengthy. You can definitely get a good feel for the game. The gameplay reminds me of Uncharted in a way but that definitely isn't a bad thing. And who can honestly complain about being able climb pretty much everything?
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So yeah, I update the site. I'm still messing around with it, so obviously this will change as well. Hopefully things will look better. Right now I just have my blog right in front of everything, lol. Oh well. Continue Reading »